Hi, I've a leak in my air con on my Forester. 2.5 ten, registered 2005, 2006 MY, imported from the UK. When i last got the A/C re-gassed, there was a continual audible hiss every time the A/C was turned on. The gas has all gone now.

I'd like to get it fixed even though the car is almost 13 years old. Can anyone recommend a repairer in Limerick / Munster? Am i best to replace parts with OEM or are OEM parts the only ones that can be used? What kind of prices could I be looking at to replace major parts?

I had the engine removed in 2017 to repair the head gasket. A/C was working fine before that happened and then developed this leak after the car came back. Maybe a pipe was knocked when the engine was being removed / replaced? Any thoughts / info greatly appreciated.