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Thread: Oil in radiator

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    Oil in radiator

    Hello All . new here and new to Subaru. And my first post so maybe someone can help me ;)

    So I bought a 2008 2.0 Legacy saloon model with the boxer engine. I had to replace the turbo on it. So I done that with the stock turbo. Then 2 days later the crank went on it (yay) So, I bought a replacement engine but the problem now that it is running is that there is oil getting into the radiator. I drained and flushed it already and filled it back up with water and again the oil came back. Now.. when I drained it there was only a small layer around the side of the coolant, but when that coolant was in the radiator and i stuck my finger into the radiator it looked like it was black.
    So, I filled it again.. this time with water just to test it and after 10 -15 mins of running it idle the oil layer was back as it was the first time.
    The car runs fine no issues, no smoke no overheating after the 15 min idle running etc. Has anyone seen this happen before or can suggest something ( apart from stripping the engine to see if its the head gasket)
    Thanks for your help :)

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    this is diesel I take it , the rad might need to be flushed properly as there is a residue of oil from the last Failure
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