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Thread: Looking at a bugeye, my thoughts, your opinions....

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    Looking at a bugeye, my thoughts, your opinions....

    Dia duit! Long time lurker and all that....

    I plan on going to look at a bug wagon sti tomorrow. This one .

    I'm sure most of you have probably seen it already, but just looking for some informed opinions.

    I think that car is good value considering rarity, condition, mileage(assuming last 2 two points check out once I see it), but I have my doubts about reselling it come next year or year after. I'm buying it to use as a daily, not to turn a profit or as an investment. I want to take my current car off the road and do some work on it, probably only using it as a summer car from now on(rx7).

    The big problem is insurance. Although the car might be worth x amount, if no one can get reasonable insurance on it, then it's going to be harder to resell without lowering the price.

    So I'm wondering, what's the general situation with insurance when the words JAP IMPORT and WRX STI are spoken down the phone to insurance companies? I would consider the insurance premium on my rx7 extremely good, but fear they will bump my premium up by a lot more than a 32 year old with 14 years no claims driving experience should have to pay.

    So any experiences or opinions are welcome on both my own premium changing and the ability for potential buyers to get insured when I go to sell it


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    Welcome along man you could try autoline up north I think it is

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