View Full Version : Skyline for sale(SOLD)

18-09-2008, 16:31
92 Skyline, 2.0Turbo, 6cylinder, 130k, 3 months tax, NCT 05/09, L.S.D, HKS turbo timer & dump valve, Recaro bucket seats(evo7), alarm, imobiliser,very clean car 5,300 no time wasters please

18-09-2008, 16:40
Thats one clean skyline mate!! Good luck with the sale. :thumbsup:

sti 9029
18-09-2008, 16:46
friend of mine went to see that car,said it's gorgeous! :shock2:

18-09-2008, 17:03
that not a bit expensive? only sayin coz a mate of mine bought a 96 GTST 2.5 turbo for 6000 about 5 months ago? think it had 100k kilometres on it

v clean lookin tho mate good luck with the sale! :thumbsup:

sti 9029
18-09-2008, 17:12
i'd still take this one,the r32's are way nicer i think!

09-10-2008, 01:47
As Above,
The price has dropped from 5,300 to 5,000 thanx lads :thumbsup: