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10-12-2006, 13:00
I had a Blitz super sound blow off valve on the car when I bought it. Had the car in at the local subaru garage and they recommend I take it off as it was not a reciralating(spelling) one and there not a good idea.. so I got them to take it off an put back on what was originally there. It cost the fella that bought it €520 . anyone know of this

B4 Alan
10-12-2006, 13:36
What garage was this Gerry?

Most people fit these for the noise alone and from all the posts that have ever been posted on the subject I don't think it has ever been proven that they do any damage....

Have a look at this link:


10-12-2006, 13:38
thats the very one I had in it.. there is ones that recirculate and there the right ones to put in seemingly.... so I'll be selling the dump valve now I think

B4 Alan
10-12-2006, 13:55
Well the recirculating ones are fitted as standard and don't make the noise as they 'recirculate' the air while the Blitz etc. dump to the atmosphere which makes the 'whoosh' sound. The idea of the Blitz and the rest is that they release the pressure quickly...


10-12-2006, 14:06
i was told that the engine was compensating for what was not being recirculated and thats why it not such a good job. To be honest I never heard of a dump valve being any harm

11-12-2006, 13:45
i will buy it off ya at right price?? pm me with what you want for it gerry?? cheers gerry!!!