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17-11-2006, 17:08
I had my headlights aligned before the NCT but still failed it. So I brought it back to the garage who said "thats the best we can do with them" "they wont alignment any better than that". I even asked the garage to try different bulbs as I was using PIAA super bright bulbs but they still wont align with normal H4 bulbs. The mechanic says there must be something wrong with the actual headlight.

So, the mechanic suggested that my only option now is to buy a pair of new headlights :omg: and try aligning those ones.
These are the headlights I have. Standard SUBARU parts as far as I can tell.

Anybody had problems aligning their headlights on a 98 STi?

B4 Alan
17-11-2006, 17:15
Hey Andy,

Which direction are they out? Too high/low or Left/Right?


17-11-2006, 17:28
I've had exactly the same problem on both my Subarus, the first test I had I failed even though they were adjusted properly, I then found that the adjustment motor had gone and had readjusted by the time I'd got to the NCT centre, so it meant a new headlight. Same thing happened with my WRX only it doesn't have a motor for adjustment, so the mechanic cleverly put a screw through the plastic on the top of the headlamp to hold the mechanism in place (after it was correctly aligned) - saved me a few notes ;)

17-11-2006, 17:30
I just done the nct last night and had to take the crystal headlights out and put in the standard ones as the crystal ones are for a left hand drive car even though i bought them here. :(

17-11-2006, 18:25
P1Alan...Not sure. The NCT test report says "out of range". The guy at the tester centre did say the downward angle line was fine but the straight line was not straight. (you might have to understand how the alignment machine works to understand that)

John M...Arent the crystal headlights not standard for 98,99,00 classics? So shouldnt they pass test?

If they are not then what does a "normal/standard" headlight look like?

18-11-2006, 17:48
anybody help?.

Latest theory I have is that the PIAA bulbs were too hot and have damaged/warped the inside of the lens hense why the light beam is coming out and not shining straight but going all over the place.

19-11-2006, 14:33
OK some people on scoobynet have this problem with crystal clear headlights so it looks like I have to buy a pair of OEM headlights....just the pass the money making NCT :angry: :angry:

19-11-2006, 15:16
Andy I've a set of standard non crystal headlihghts that you can stick in for the test.
I've the PIAA HiD kit on mine and it's never damaged the holder and they get very hot.

19-11-2006, 15:21
That would be great John. Will they fit my facelifted 98?

19-11-2006, 15:23
They will indeed. Where ya based?

19-11-2006, 15:25
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