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07-11-2006, 13:12
there's been a lot of discussions about re-maping on the site and this could be a stupid question and you'll have to forgive my lack of knowledge but what is the difference or advantages/disadvantages between a full re-map and a re-flash i.e. power gain/loss ect. i know the re-slash just alters the current ECU but what exactly does it do?

07-11-2006, 15:36
Hey discobarr,
I never heard the term re-flash :ponder: :ponder:
but if your taking about re-mapping the existing ECU it's
just as good as a new ECU .............well depending on what sort of BHP
your looking for etc.

Ecutek supply software that can re-mapp your ECU, most lads going for
a TEK 3 mapp. but it depends on the model & year of your car.

Mine was a V4 TypeR so i had to get an Apexi ECU if it was a V5 i could
of used the ECUTEK software................sorry i'll re-phrase that, AndyF could
of used the software :D :D...............i would of blown my engine a probarly taken
some of the M50 with me aswell :lol: :lol:


07-11-2006, 16:26
Re Map or Re Flash, they both mean the same thing. Basically the operator will re write or make adjustments to your existing ecu and then flash the ecu or burn the ecu with the new programme. Thats what ecutek software does.


07-11-2006, 16:39
i've got a 00 version 7 STI (import)not looking for an increase really just for it to run on 95ron without the engine blowing. i put a lot of money into my last car(R-33 GTS-T) with modifications and i want to keep the STI fairly standard because in fairness their a prity awesome car on it's own. i'd like to spend less than €1000(if i can) with the re-map. what sort of options do i have for that sort of money?
(sorry again about the stupid questions)

07-11-2006, 22:12
ECUTEK be the job next time Andy F is over. About e1150 figure i think.

07-11-2006, 22:27
thats sounds ok and people here seem to trust Andy F so thats probably the way to go. cheers for the advice gents.

08-11-2006, 09:04
Andy F is the way to go :thumbsup: