View Full Version : so you think your washing your car properly ??

tommy 555
18-12-2017, 18:59
take a look at this fellas work


tidy set up he has .

and because of this video I'm looking for a compressor for the new garage :Falldownlaugh:

Grahamo spec c
18-12-2017, 19:22
Redmount in Dundalk do good compressors Tommy.
A nice air reel too would be the job.
Must use my air line next time to dry the car, never even thought of it.

18-12-2017, 19:40
Forget standard compressors there too noisy for a garage or workshop unless there outside :thumbsup:

get yourself a durr compressor . Secondhand of course as there mental money new . There used by dentist .

Bought 1 for the garage here and to be honest I wouldn't go back to a standard compressed with the noise of it . You would barely hear the durr cut in and out . And when your working in the garage it's great using air gun, sanding , drying cars , :icon_grin: look them up trust me worth it :thumbsup: got mine for 700euros second hand

18-12-2017, 19:46
What's the attachment on the Airline I wonder, wonder is it filter on the end.
Tidy job. [emoji108]

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18-12-2017, 20:16
What l learn from this video is to never buy a multispoke wheels :thumbsup:

18-12-2017, 21:10
What l learn from this video is to never buy a multispoke wheels :thumbsup:

Or a car with honeycomb grills. :D

18-12-2017, 21:15
Wonder how long did it take him to do that? :icon_grin:

tommy 555
18-12-2017, 21:20
definitely 2 hours to do it as he has I would say .

takes me an hour to do mine at least

keith dublin
19-12-2017, 14:25
Would ya be arsed....fooked again in 10 mins lol

tommy 555
19-12-2017, 17:16
ah yeah but ya d be very content with the job ya done for them 10 minutes :icon_biggrin:

Gary sti
20-12-2017, 07:14
If the car is generally kept clean and say like me it's not driving every day then about 45min will tidy mine back up that's using a quick detailer after washing but I have spent a lot longer with taking wheels off and stuff to get all of them. But is nice to drive a clean car as all of you will notice it's not a big thing to wash cars here at all which is a shame since we pay so much to buy them

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20-12-2017, 20:02
Absolutely crazy imo, why spend more time cleaning a car than actually driving it, just don't get it, each to their own and all that but when I have some spare time I like to go for a drive, not clean it to that extent

20-12-2017, 21:42
It's all show offy and overkill for a maintenance wash, especially if there's quality protection underneath. Which I have a feeling is ceramic coated. Purely a marketing ploy, but I picked up a few bad practices. I'm sure a couple hawkeyes in here also noticed. Then again, they've a disclaimer at the start. :D