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21-07-2017, 11:47
Hi all

Im back after a bit of a gap. I got a new car in 2015 and have had my scooby off the road since then.
Just looking for a bit of advice about what i should look out for when my scooby has been off the road for that long.
I know the basics oil ,coolent,brake fluid,etc. Keeping in mind i need to be able to move it every now and then.

But is there anything you found that your scooby did when it got back on the road. I will not have it back on the road any time soon
So any advice about keeping a scooby in storage would be appreciated.

All advice,tips and tricks woulg be gratefully received.

Thanks guys

21-07-2017, 12:50
Crank case seals can go dry and perish and can start to weep when you start driving again so keep an eye as it might be ideal to replace them.

Fresh oil and filter would do no harm. Disconnect the coils and turn over a few times to get the fresh oil in to the turbo and galleys etc and then start her up.

MAF might not have liked being sat up depending on where it was stored. If weight was on the wheels, check tyres for cracks etc. Ideally store a car for prolonged periods off the wheels on stands or the like.

Fresh petrol if you didn't put in a fuel treatment before leaving it.

23-07-2017, 11:32
You might also want to test if the engine hasn't seized by manually turning the crank, some cars have been known to seize if left un moved over a long period of time

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23-07-2017, 11:58
welcome back skips :thumbsup:

is your car inside or outside . most points as above . make sure you have proper fresh coolant in . mildue on the interior will be a big thing . put some moisture bags in or trays of kitty litter better job to soak up any moisture in the car . spare rims if you have them to save your good tyres in saying that probably gone at this stage.

im sure the lads will chime in with more stuff :thumbsup: