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21-10-2006, 15:09
My KW v3 set-up with stiffer springs is no good here in Ireland (fitted to a classic MY00 wagon) - the roads are seriously rubbish around Dublin :) ¬* In Switzerland it was acceptable on the majority of roads, with it being a bit compromised on really bumpy b-roads - as I used the car on track extensively it was OK. ¬*All roads around Dublin seem as bad a bumpy Swiss b-road!

Aside from the fact it means the car spends half the time in the air when travelling at speed, it's also seriously uncomfortable for my missus and unborn daughter.....need to fix it :D

I'm also running uprated ARB's (22 or 24mm with adjustable rear), ALK, strut braces front and rear (below too at front), Powerflex bushing all round, rose jointed front ARB ties and P Zero Corsa's (very stiff sidewalls - you can still drive with a flat tyre at 25-30 mph.....).

I will refit stock front ARB and move rear to middle (I always found this optimum for road, but it overheated front tyres on track) and probably get some softer road tyres. What about suspension? I'm trying to track down stock springs that came with my original KW3 - I have the early model (~5 years old now) so am checking with KW DE. But I'm still concered the roads are so crap here I'll still have a problem.

What would be really good was the old Koni damper inserts and Eibach springs I ran before the KW's. These were perfect on bumpy b-roads in Swissieland.

What do people recommend? What is the difference between stock P1 and STi5/6 suspension? I'm tempted to get complete replacements if the price is right - I can then refit the KW's at a later date when I change countries again (I'll make sure the roads are smoother next time ¬*).

Thanks, Richard

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23-10-2006, 10:33
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Hi Richard bumpy roads in Dublin ???
don't you know there the best roads in the country.
Just aswell your not living down South :)

Standard STI suspension works well on our roads with most
lads lowering the ride height our fitting coilovers etc.
nothing quiet as fancy as the set up you have.

I lowered my STI TypeR 30 mm front and back and fitted
Toyo Proxies great on our roads, but not to sure how that
would do for a track day ???


03-11-2006, 17:54
Apologies for delay - been travelling on business. Thanks Niall. I went to ring of Kerry from here in a hired Golf once so far - great roads, but bloody bumpy in it.....forget about my car staying on the road even currently! Looks like I will send the KW's back to Germany for softer springs and a revalve/service of the dampers. I need to source some stock classic suspension units to use while my KW are away - any ideas who might have a set they will loan/rent me....or a cheap set to buy?

Thanks, Richard

06-11-2006, 20:11
Loan or rent i don't know,
but you'd pick some up at a handy price
at any of the brakers.

There's Euroautosalvage in Dublin i think ??

or Mac Kevers Up North

and 1 or 2 more.