View Full Version : Music into peugeot

keith dublin
13-02-2017, 15:44
Looking to hook the Peugeot to my phone so I can play my tunes through the car but it is not Bluetooth or has no cable adaptor to plug into.
It has a radio that came from factory and you run other stuff in the car like settings for lights and all that stuff so changing the radio is not an option
Any ideas

13-02-2017, 16:46
Give us a bell tomorrow and I will see what ways its done
will either be cable from phone to back of headunit or similar should have one of them in stock :thumbsup:

keith dublin
13-02-2017, 16:59
Good man colm thanks
I have an old parrot kit I know the new one can link up

13-02-2017, 17:00
text us a photo of headunit and model of car ill check it out whats cheapest and handiest :thumbsup:

keith dublin
13-02-2017, 19:03
It's a 2007 gt 150 colm

I'll get a picture in a few

tommy 555
14-02-2017, 14:54
just stick to your cassette tapes keith .

old dog , new tricks n all that :Falldownlaugh: