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13-10-2015, 15:23
So lads i am in need of a set of 225/40/18 for my sti. I am on a budget as i need a map and a few other bits, and i know tyres are the last place to be skimping on the spend but im not able to spent the types of money on new tyres that i would like to.

My questions is where do you guys usually get your rubber, iv had part worns on all my cars so far and never had a problem apart from picking up the odd nail. But i know some people are massivly against and think theyre false ecomony. plus a matching set is like hens teeth

I would really like to keep the total spend to under 300, or closer to 200 (wishful thinking)

Ideas. suggestions?

wagon dec
13-10-2015, 15:35
I use kumho on mine as Road tyres good budget tyre imo

wagon dec

13-10-2015, 15:38
Theyre coming in at 87-120 iwth free delievery, not bad

13-10-2015, 15:38
Lassa are a very good budget tyre made by Bridgestone but still around 80/100 a corner as there 18"

13-10-2015, 15:39

plenty on camskill there order today and at your door thursday
I bought Falken fk452 before (model number now changed ) as they where recommended to me bye a Member on here
I think I got them 280 euro all in (using a vat number)
I found them a great tyre in all weather and kept me safe for the first 2 years I owned the car
Couldnt fault them

keith dublin
13-10-2015, 16:37
Pro parts have some good deals

13-10-2015, 16:52
The other thing I was considering was getting a original set of 17" gold alloys and selling the rotas

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keith dublin
13-10-2015, 17:21
I got Toto t1r for 70 a corner now I know they were 15" but I don't think the 18 were that much more maybe 20 quid

13-10-2015, 21:51
I had falken fk453 with no issues, brought them to mondello and they held up.

14-10-2015, 00:14
Put on good tyres before you go down the route of mapping the car. Whats the point of all the power under your right foot with bad tyres.

Id be looking at 500 minimum if I was putting tyres on it. As said above with the kumho i can vouch for these. Have them on my 535d and can handle the torque no problem and the grip is excellent in the wet and dry.

14-10-2015, 00:15
I got Toto t1r for 70 a corner now I know they were 15" but I don't think the 18 were that much more maybe 20 quid

Big price difference. When I looked last year it was over double the price.

Grahamo spec c
14-10-2015, 08:08
You'll get Nankang on openeo for 300 delivered.

14-10-2015, 08:38
I have always had kumho 's on other cars foun d them a good tyre for the money