View Full Version : Anyone here buy off Autosmart?

06-11-2014, 19:53
Looking to replenish my supplies and clean car have closed up shop. Does anyone deal with the mobile autosmart rep, I have used tardis and find it brilliant, looking to try G101 APC, and maybe some of the waxes and polishes as well as snow foam etc. Wondering has anyone any feedback on it or decent alternatives.

I have been using Menzerna cutting compounds and a combination of MER and Meguairs and Auto Glym so far for all other products, but I would like to buy in bigger quantities now as fed up of buying Halford/Motor factor size bottles and running out.

Rob Spec C
06-11-2014, 19:58
Just contact Autosmart and they'll give you the contact details for the Autosmart rep in your area. You can also contact autonomy Ireland if looking for bulk stuff.

As an alternative to clean car, try detailing shed.

06-11-2014, 20:57
I actually just came across detailing shed earlier, going to order a few bits off them. I was also considering concept stuff, but I think it's more geared for car wash operators etc than amateurs or detailers/valeters

06-11-2014, 21:06
Some of the concept is good for home use although a lot of it just in 5 litres. The concept auto shampoo. Contour for tyres and clear off for the tar all good tar and glue is a bit strong for general cars

06-11-2014, 21:36
As robbie said, try detailing shed, ive bought a good few bits off them and they did a bit of a polish on my car, sound lads.