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Wagon Rob
01-11-2014, 19:58
Had to borrow the mother-in-laws '04 Fiat Panda the other night while our Wagon was in the garage. I've driven it plenty of times but the other night was pretty dreary and I found myself quite impressed with its lighting performance. The following night had the Wagon back and over the same roads in similar conditions I found myself very UNimpressed with the headlights.

So it got me wondering what might be a way of improving the situation? Is the light output from the later crystal lights any better and worth investing in? Bulb upgrade? Re-wire through relay's so that the bulbs are getting their power direct from the battery instead of losing performance through the standard loom?

Given that the weather is probably set for the winter now and that I do half my driving at night then headlight performance does have a certain level of importance to me. They're just OK really - so short of putting a pair of proper spotlights on the front I'm musing about what I can do to improve things without going down the "blind everyone with ill-fitting aftermarket HID route" that seems so common on our roads.

Opinions & experiences appreciated :thumbsup:

01-11-2014, 21:03
Being there done that Philips night breakers will cost you 22 euros. For a pair will improve your lights at least 50% :thumbsup:

01-11-2014, 22:37
+1 make a huge difference

Wagon Rob
02-11-2014, 10:20
Cheers lads. Will try source a set of those so.

Rob Spec C
02-11-2014, 11:12
Not difficult, local motor factors will have osram night breakers or a cheaper alternative which are also good. Haven't seen the philips xtreme vision readily available but that may just be my local motor factors.

They make a huge difference, literally night and day :icon_lol:

02-11-2014, 11:27
I think I was told some models of classics had heavy duty wiring from the factory to take 100w bulbs,is this true?

02-11-2014, 11:31
I wouldnt say so as i put 100/120 in a 96 wrx and i melted the blocks that hold the bulb in .

02-11-2014, 14:02
they were probably the piaa driving lamps that were on the rb5 afaik yhe only wiring uprated as they had stronger spot lamps so would need better wiring

Wagon Rob
02-11-2014, 16:36
Had a quick look on eBay and can see;
Osram Night Breaker
Philips Xtreme Vision
Philips Power2Night

All H4. All 55/60w. All similar price. And all claiming similar performance.

So is it just flip a coin and pick one?

Rob Spec C
02-11-2014, 18:09
Xtreme vision or night breaker for what you want. Xtreme vision seems to get the better reviews so if the same price, I'd probably lean toward them. Night breaker won't disappoint either.

Wagon Rob
02-11-2014, 20:11
Cheers Rob :thumbsup:

Wagon Rob
02-11-2014, 22:46
Ordered the Xtreme Vision +130% from powerbulbs.com once PayPal decided to stop playing silly beggars! €38.28 with free postage and a pair of free side-light bulbs was about the best I could see online.

Now the wait begins, though even if they arrive this week I'll probably wait until after her NCT on Friday before fitting them. :dance: