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29-10-2014, 13:56
Hey lads,

so I would like to spend some time washing my Engine, as it probably was never washed since new. The Engine is such a beauty and I feel really bad keeping it dirty and then showing it off. So what would be the best approach, or whats the standard tips of what to do and what not to do when washing engine? I am afraid that if I will powerhose it, some of the water might get into electric contacts and stuff.

Thanks for any tips.

29-10-2014, 14:15
Wrap up all electric parts with cling film, alternator, battery terminals and mad sensor.

Hose down engine bay and under bonnet with light spray, not full on garden hose as it will just over soak the bay.

Spray all purpose cleaner or degreaser over the bay etc and leave for a few mins then agitate with a brush.

When your happy all dirt and grime is agitated rinse down bay.

Re do any areas if they need be.

Soak up any water with a cloth, remove cling film from electric areas, close bonnet and allow the car to run for a few mins to heat up and remove any other water sitting about on the bay.

Dress the bay with some rubber dressing to freshing up and protect the plastics and rubber.

Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

29-10-2014, 15:38
Thanks, have a karma,

by the way, I have the pressure water thingie, so I will be using that, it aint using too much water anyways, but while doing that, should I keep the engine running, or can that be turned off?

29-10-2014, 17:22
People do it both ways, I myself turn it off.

diesel tom
29-10-2014, 17:57
Bring it up to me here I'm Portlaoise ill do a serious job on it for you
Pm sent

tommy 555
29-10-2014, 21:50
Gunk do a good degreaser spray on . Let it work for few minutes then give is a rub with a detailing brush and hose down . Also poor boys do a really good apc and dressing . Use it on mine once or twice a year . Easy to work with 2

Rob Spec C
29-10-2014, 22:16
Keith gave a good detailed how to there, a bit of all-purpose cleaner, degreaser, brush, elbow grease and your sorted. Then just add rubber/plastic dressing and it'll be looking great :subaru: