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27-09-2014, 21:46
just wondering where are boys buying, some of their detailing product, not your usual bits, but stuf like snow foam, detailing cloths and sealants, some waxes, i was getting some from cleancar.ie but they've gone now about a month,
who's the handiest online, price wise, quick delivery and sound,

27-09-2014, 22:01
Get the trade stuff
Save you a fortune
They will call in to garages monthly most likely in your area
and you could ring them and meet them when they are in the area
Can send you contact details :thumbsup:

27-09-2014, 22:09
I have used detailing shed in the past, sound lads, haven't bought much gear recently but did also use cleancar aswell who have now finished up.

27-09-2014, 22:27
i'll give them a look Eli, have loads of trade stuff colm, concept and auto glym, but it's more more smaller bits and stuff you wouldn't use evry time, and prob mainly nice plush finishing cloths, Any trade lads doing good cloths colm

cheers lads :thumbsup:

27-09-2014, 23:28
what happened cleancar.ie.. always found them great

Mad Paddy RS
28-09-2014, 10:10
Always used cleancar,as said they finished up

28-09-2014, 10:26
:icon_sad: always used cleancar aswell will miss the free sweets they use to srnd out with every order

28-09-2014, 10:59

28-09-2014, 11:06
http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk :thumbsup:

28-09-2014, 22:06
:thumbsup: nice site there keith, gud range, pity sterling isn't great at the minute

28-09-2014, 22:53
I get all mine from this site. Some of you may know him as Larry who does a series for the YouTube channel DRIVE. He has his own small little channel too but he has designed these products to work in sequence with each other.