View Full Version : Alloy wheel refurb

24-07-2014, 17:31
I'm considering getting the wheels on my Legacy refurbed. All four are kerbed.
Any recommendations of guys in or around Mayo. Could do Galway, Sligo etc.?
Also, how long does it generally take to do all four wheels?

Thanks guys. :yellowthumb:

24-07-2014, 20:04
I got some done n a few months ago . I went to nuluk in Belfast. Its some spin up. Done a great job on the wheels but got the colour slightly wrong but you'd not notice . They put bbs gold on enkei wheels. They were badly kerbed and they are perfect now. 3-4 day turn around

Mad Paddy RS
24-07-2014, 20:32
I done mine myself, spent 100 euro on supplies
Few hours each evening on per wheel

24-07-2014, 21:18
Friend in sligo done mine. He has body shop. Great job and perfect colour. Depends on budget really. Lot of mobile fellas about. I have a number for fella covers mayo if you want. Lad in sligo charges 200 for 4. Most mobile fellas the same. Go down the road of wheel specialist guys talking a lot more. Any bodyshop local to you?

25-07-2014, 11:16
Thanks lads. Not sure I am confident enough to tackle them myself. I'm fairly limited on the DIY front, tend to leave it to the experts! Would you not have to take the tyres off if you were doing a DIY job on them??
Can you PM me the number of the lad in Mayo?
Going to chat to a few local lads anyway and see if any local body shop would do them.