View Full Version : New ice

keith dublin
06-03-2014, 13:12
This one is for u colm

06-03-2014, 13:17
Nice job keitho

its only taken ya 3 years to fit a radio :icon_biggrin:

keith dublin
06-03-2014, 14:05
I know Brian I'm back doing a few bits now
Tyres then wrap next

06-03-2014, 17:31
:falldownlaugh: :multijump: :clap3: :clap:
Brilliant Keith :thumbsup:
Some nice bits getting done now :goodjob:

06-03-2014, 17:46
looks well keith what make do you get in the end

keith dublin
06-03-2014, 18:13
Went for a jvc in the end off Brendan in mds and a few extra bits to me alarm
I like me cd's so this will play everything and my music on me phone is Bluetooth it's very handy no wires
And DVD for the kids
Was gonna go with the one in halfords that dan got its a great unit but no cd only apps
And me and computers and all that tec sh1t :comp26:

06-03-2014, 19:53
what colour wrap are you goin with keith?

keith dublin
06-03-2014, 20:39
Gunmetal grey like the old type r

tommy 555
08-03-2014, 16:29
Looks like a nice unit , cant wait to see her wrapped

08-03-2014, 17:03
Looking good Keith :thumbsup: