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29-12-2013, 18:26
Hey, so I bought a new radio, and wanted to install it, but I am fooked over one screw. in this video, I get to the two screws that he shows, and one on left side went easily, the second is just rolling there and doesnt move a bit, so I cannot take it off.


TL;DR: Step 4: I cannot remove one of the screws HALP

Any ideas how to take that screw off so I can get to the head unit?

keith dublin
29-12-2013, 20:25
Can you get a flathead screwdriver under the side of the screw and give it a small twist as you try to unscrew it
Or just drill it out

29-12-2013, 21:41
Thanks Keith! I tried to put flat screwdriver in, but no luck as the screwdriver was too fat, but managed to put a knife in there and by gentle pulling managed to take the screw off... problem is, the screw is OK, but the small thing that holds it isnt... I put that back in and will see how it is during drive, I hope it wont vibrate now...

Edit: Added pics :)

12-01-2014, 17:54
Should get a plastic self tapping screw the same size in any good hardware store to replace it if it does vibrate.