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04-11-2013, 08:34
Hey all,

Some of you may know what a lazy sod I am when it comes to cleaning my daily driver.

Between the filthy country roads... limited time.. and million other things I'd rather be doing, the poor wagon rarely gets a wash. In fact the last wash was just before the Terenure Show when the poor car saw more love than it had in the previous 3 years in my ownership.

I managed to compound and polish the car for the show and herein lies the problem. It was a rushed job and there is white residue left over everywhere from the compounding and polishing... between door jams... around the bonnet/bootlid... and even the odd white swirl mark where the buffer almost over-heated the polish and left it impossbile to remove.. nothing short of repolishing the car.

How the hell do I get all this crude off. There has to be a miracle product out there that I can just spray on... leave and walk away... and then come back and hit with the power washer. If not does anyone fancy detailing the wagon for me.....??? :1poke: :icon_biggrin:

Cheers for any advice,


04-11-2013, 13:52

Mad Paddy RS
04-11-2013, 16:49
methalated spirits, use it to wipe my own down after its get compound