View Full Version : Cleaning perforated leather in a blob impreza

13-10-2013, 21:20
Any tips lads on cleaning perforated leather, back seats could do with a freshen up, we were using the subaru as the daily for a few months earlier in the year and with 2 kids ya can guess, cleaned them with leather cleaner but with the holes in the leather how could you give a better clean, :thumbsup:

14-10-2013, 00:17
Get yourself a leather brush and then spray leather cleaner into brush and work into the crevices in the leather. Wipe away then with a clean cloth. Just remember to condition the leather afterwards.

Leather brush

I use these brushes the most as they are soft on the leather and great for lots more

Great how to video

Hope this helps you out. :thumbsup:

Ciaran WRX
14-10-2013, 02:56
Drive clean savage stuff :thumbsup:

14-10-2013, 19:58
:thumbsup: cheers Keith great tips and vid karma for ya, :thumbsup: @ciaran whats the drive clean, is it like a master cleaner, cheers

Ciaran WRX
14-10-2013, 20:40
That bloke has his own u tube channel called drive clean check it out savage :thumbsup:

14-10-2013, 22:03
now i have ya :hammerhead: good man :thumbsup: