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27-09-2006, 22:55
i have a 1996 wrx, but everytime i put the foot down, the car momenteraly loses power and then speeds up again, it feels like the car is stalling, the car chugs a bit then takes off, anyone know what it could be or how to fix it. :cry:

B4 Alan
27-09-2006, 23:00
Welcome along :thumbsup:

Can you post up more details?
What does it idle like?
Have you had it serviced recently?
Is it a Jap Import?

Could be many things :dunno:


27-09-2006, 23:01
Clutch? :dunno:

27-09-2006, 23:48
had same problem with mine ended up bein a coil down :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

28-09-2006, 06:04
sounds like something got to do with the fueling of it

28-09-2006, 08:31
had the same problem with a cossie i had, sounds like ignition, coil, or leads, plugs, in my case it was the leads, even though they were new they were not carrying a good spark the plugs, put a set of genuine leads from ford and the car went 100%, failing that that check out your fuel pressure, the pump could be on its way out.... ya need to be careful, if its the pump ya will be going lean and we know that this can do a lot of damage...........
you maybe better taking it to a good mechanic who knows about scoobies, just ask on here whos the best and is the nearest to ya............. :thumbsup:

28-09-2006, 09:39
As above, get it to a decent mechanic familiar with Scoobs - most likely a coil pack on this MY, but could also be many other things.


28-09-2006, 18:04
yeah it is a jap import, i could be driving fine, then when i go to overtake something a i put the boot down the car shudders and chugs for a split second, then will take off again, i dont know how much better to describe it.

at first i thought it could be the dump valve wasnt good enough to take the pressure the turbo was giving it, it felt like the car needed to change car or let the pressure out somehow. it is a forge dumpvalve.

im from tipperary town, so if anyone knows a good mechanic to go to, or should i just take it to a scooby dealer and let them have a look.

cheers guys, keep the help coming

28-09-2006, 18:18
or should i just take it to a scooby dealer and let them have a look.

Noooooooo :lol:

28-09-2006, 19:48
I'd that problem aswell, try coil pack, plugs and crank sensor. It might be any of these?

28-09-2006, 20:15
All I typed was that; a non-Subaru franchised but still Subaru specialist is the best to visit for such a problem. Subaru dealers are generally crap, small private garage who knows these cars will be able to help more likely. If you're close to D4, pop over one time and I'll take look.....but I don't have much expereince on the older cars.

28-09-2006, 20:22
Cartorque in Clane. There is another guy who is very handy with scoobs in Castledermot on the way to Carlow. Cant really think of any others id trust really. Frawls was talking about Gary Emmett who has a great rep aswell.


28-09-2006, 22:27
hi john,have you got the original blow off value ,if so swap it back over and see what happens,i got a forge value before and the spring wasnt strong enough and had same symptoms as you

29-09-2006, 00:55
i dont have the original dump valve, the came with this on, ill try this coil pack, alot of you are suggesting this, i dont know what it is, but ill look in to it