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28-10-2012, 00:20
Lads anyone used or know anything about them as looking at putting either these or falkens fk452s. Looking at a few reviews on both and some mixed on both although the t1 sport seems to be getting a few more good ones than the fk452s.

Thanks in advance,


28-10-2012, 00:46
The toyos are a good tyre in wet and dry for the price but if you can stretch the extra few quid per tyre I'd look into the Goodyear eagle f1 assymmetric tyres

28-10-2012, 00:55
Extra 30 Quid a tyre are they worth the extra?

Have never had them before either tyre so any help much appreciated thanks chris.


28-10-2012, 02:11
The toyos are a good tyre in wet and dry for the price but if you can stretch the extra few quid per tyre I'd look into the Goodyear eagle f1 assymmetric tyres

Can concur with F1 assymmetric been a great tyre

28-10-2012, 04:12
Yeah the f1s are well worth the money, had them before the toyos. F1s are a different league altogether. The way I look at it a tyre is your only contact with the road so you may aswell get really good tyres.

Rob Spec C
28-10-2012, 15:16
T1R's are a good tyre, had them on my B4 and did 3 trackdays on them as well. Good overall performance in wet and dry but never used the falken's so cant compare. I think a few people here have used or do use the falkens.

29-10-2012, 23:53
That is actually a very good and timely post.

Im looking at something for my car too. Looking at same range of tyres. ~150 Eur per piece on Speedline ProDrive 18x8J. Would you suggest me move on to 235 instead of 225 to save my rims from curb damage? Unfortunately Im not a B4 owner so don't need to tame 280 HP, so grip wize Im not really demanding. Just want safe tyres for Irish roads.
Where do you go for Tyres? Any good dealer on forum or a shop you all use? Im thinking even to see what I can get in Lithuania and ship them here, to see what comes cheaper.

T1R's are Toyo Proxes T1R - http://www.tyres-pneus-online.ie/car-tyres-TOYO/PROXES,T1R/225,40,R18,92,Y,XL.html
Toyo Proxes T1 Sport - http://www.tyres-pneus-online.ie/car-tyres-TOYO/PROXES,T1,SPORT/225,40,R18,92,Y,XL.html
Official site for T1 Sport: http://toyotires.com/tire/pattern/proxes-t1-sport-ultra-high-peformance-summer-tires

GoodYear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 - http://www.tyres-pneus-online.ie/car-tyres-GOODYEAR/EAGLE,F1,ASYMMETRIC,2/225,40,R18,88,Y.html
Offical site: http://www.goodyear.eu/uk_en/tires/passenger/eagle-f1-asymmetric-2/index.jsp
As you said ~40 eur more per piece

Falken FK453 - http://www.tyres-pneus-online.ie/car-tyres-FALKEN/FK,453/225,40,R18,92,Y,XL.html
Official site: http://www.falkentire.com/tires/car-tires/azenis-fk-453
Didn't find price for FK452 on Tyres Pneus.

and I noticed this option... TOYO Proxed 4 Plus all Season tyres: http://toyotires.com/tire/pattern/proxes-4-plus-ultra-high-performance-all-season-tires - what is your opinion about all season tyres in Ireland?

What tyres would you go from Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental or Nokian for similar price? if there are any at all within this price range :ponder2:

EDIT: Found this site: http://www.tyreshop.ie/index.php

Sells Goodyear EAGLE FI (ASYMMETRIC) FP XL for only 165 a peace, while on TyresPneus they are ~220 per piece. Where is the catch? Tyres from old stock?

30-10-2012, 20:34
Last tyres i bought were bridgestone re050 and was well impressed with them as gave great grip and wore really well. Going to go with the goodyear myself from camskill.co.uk as they have good prices and are really quick on the delivery. As for other choices i know a few lads have the michelin sport and said they gave savage grip but wore pretty quickly.

Hope this is of help


30-10-2012, 20:53
Thanks for that site Mick
Will defo look aroun there, good prices.

Mad Paddy RS
31-10-2012, 16:49
try and get hancook evo 12s,great try in wet and dry

31-10-2012, 20:15
Hehe, they are very look a like with Falken 452 :]