View Full Version : 4 wheel alignment in Dublin/Tallaght area

28-01-2012, 16:34

i'm looking for advice, for a good garage to set impreza wheels alignment with proper camber/toe settings.
Garage, where they do what they're doing, because apparently for some places (like Square Fit, next to Tallaght Auto Parts)
it's too difficult, probably like some sort of unmanagable magic. Or maybe that was the first time they were doing Subaru alignment.
They have shown to me how to screw even tracking, not to mention cambers... Huge disapointment.

Can you suggest a good place, where mechanics know how to setup things on Impreza STi?


Rob Spec C
28-01-2012, 17:58
Ciaran in ASD will be able to set it up for you and he's only over the road in walkinstown

28-01-2012, 18:21
Great I was even thiking about him, but wasn't sure if he's doing tracking. That would be great, to get this done by someone who knows what to do... I'll text him for some arrangements then.


28-01-2012, 23:19
atlas service centre on kylemore road........
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

keith dublin
28-01-2012, 23:53
Used that atlas place before and was not a happy bunny after it

29-01-2012, 00:01
Dave McCann three in blanch. Good job, proper computer alignment set up gear there

29-01-2012, 12:33
Thanks lads - this will make at least couple of options.

29-01-2012, 14:35
I know its out of the way but I use Ali Burrows and would't go anywhere else. Tried a few and wasn't happy. Its a nice blast up :icon_grin: and he uses the same system as the BMW Motorsport Team :subaru:

29-01-2012, 19:21
If it only was a bit closer :)

24-04-2012, 10:40
Rudeboy did you get this done, i need it done myself, stuck a new set of tyres on car the other day and its all over the shop, not a happy camper :icon_sad:

24-04-2012, 20:08
Yes, but actually in Kilkenny :) Couldn't get through at the time to Ciaran RS-RA, which was also recommended and had actually a time limit, before my relocation to Spain.

24-04-2012, 20:28
Went to Browne Garage in the Robinhood Industrial Estate last week before the NCT.

Lads were sound, had a great chat while they were doing it.

If you can't get Ciaran maybe give them a ring on 01 4627000.

24-04-2012, 23:16
dave get onto ger sti he works for a place in kildare that do suspension set ups i'll pm you his number if you want either that or go to ciaran or if you can bear the trip ali burrows :thumbsup: