View Full Version : Tevion car Radio/CD/MP3

30-05-2011, 12:51
Have an aldi-job car stereo I don't need anymore.

Not sure what the model number of it is but it's a standard sized (single din??) with a good few features - plays cds/mp3 cds/ has an SD card slot and usb card slot and an aux in at the front. Might have the remote control off it as well somewhere.

I only had it a couple months so it's working fine. Only thing with it is I had to cut the connector box thing off it to fit it in my old car so might be a bit awkward to fit.

Anyway it cost me 55 quid so doubt anyones going to give me anything for it so if anyone wants it yer welcome to it - I'm in Cork city as well by the way.


31-05-2011, 19:07
I'll take it of your hands if you still have it....
In Cork as well..........

02-06-2011, 10:36
Still have it yeah, no bother. Sure send me a text there or give me a shout - 086 2431093