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joe watson
17-01-2011, 23:12
I have 225/40/18 tires on my car and sometimes they rub so i need four new tyres now and was thinking of putting on 215/40/18 dunlop sp sports, so what you lads think, wud this be the way to go :ponder2:

17-01-2011, 23:51
your rim will be more open to kerbs joe.. i had them on my old 1.6L and its looked like the tyres we WELL stretched on.. i didnt like it.

18-01-2011, 01:35
you could try 225/35/18 that might stop the rubbing

18-01-2011, 01:47
215/40/18 will be expensive as they are not a commonly stocked size (or so I was told when I tried to order some). As mentioned, the tyre will also look stretched across the rim leaving you more open to curbing your alloy. That size would most likely sort your rubbing problem though.

I had 215/40/18 on my old Legacy and it never rubbed even with passengers in the back. When it came to getting new tyres I went for 225/40/18 and sure enough rubbed every time I turned a corner, went over a speed bump. Even worse with people in the back.

18-01-2011, 09:02
I am running 215/35/18 on my car with no rubbing , even with 5 people on board :subaru:

18-01-2011, 09:14
ive 215/40/ 18 goodyear f1 on mine and there is a lip that comes out to protect the edge of the rim

joe watson
18-01-2011, 14:08
Thanks for the replies lads, i priced 215/40/18 dunlop sp sport of my local tyre dealer tat he ordered for someone tat never came back for them so he doing them for 450 fitted and balanced so it sounds ok i thought. I dont want to go with a lower tyre wall cause roads down our way not great and have a feeling i know what wud happen them :thumbsup: