View Full Version : Did Ya hear the 1about The pope razzing about in a limo!!

28-06-2007, 13:28
Well it goes like this.....

Twas the year that the pope came to Ireland and he was doing a bit of sight seeing round the country from the back of his Chauffer driven Limo, he asked the Chauffer if he'd let him drive cos he'd always only been in the back and had'nt driven a car that big before.
So the Chauffer hopped in the back and off down the road the pope went leavin a ploom of smoke and 50yards of rubber behind him,he was really shoeing it and just starting to enjoy it when he saw the Blue flahing lights approaching from behind.
So in he pulled to the side of the road and rolled down the window,and who else but a Garda fresh out of Temlpemore(just finished training) arrrives up to speak with him about the speed he was travelling at!
The young Garda Relaising twas His Holiness the Pope could barely conceal his amazement at who was behind the wheel,he didint know what to do so he radio'd back to the base and asked to speak IMMEDIATELY to the Garda sergant on duty.
He begins by stuttering and sayin that he'd just pulled a car over for doing 120mph in a 60mph zone but didnt know what to do, so the Garda Sergant replied just write him a ticket and send him on his way.
"ah but he he he he's aa a a* very important man said the young Garda and its probably not the best thing to do really !
Well said the sergant how important is he? is he another Garda or something?
NO No NO! he replied- he's more important than that!
is he A judge ??
NO No NO! he replied- he's more important than that!
well is he more important than me says the Sergant?
Oh jaysus i dunno about that he said but he Pope is driving him anyway!!
:D :D