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mac mac
13-03-2010, 09:52
rob did a job on my headlight s on fri evenin , super job :clap: for the amount of time he had , jus wanted to say "fair play" and "thanks" again :thumbsup:

karma in the post

nic spec c
13-03-2010, 14:00
Excellent stuff Robbie :thumbsup:

Rob Spec C
13-03-2010, 21:00
Glad I could help mate :thumbsup: .. god only knows what was put on them previously :shock2:

tommy 555
13-03-2010, 22:09
karma mr sweetcakes

13-03-2010, 23:17
:clap: :clap:fair play sweetcakes

15-03-2010, 23:05
Good man Robbie........... :clap: :clap: