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16-12-2009, 20:33
Lads just wondering what these are like??its the basic one for 250 notes,anybody got one,if so are they any good??cheers :thumbsup:

16-12-2009, 20:43
You get what ye pay for ,really good ones are around 700euro ,i have the basic ripspeed one in my car and it works good ,quality of video when watching dvd's is decent enough .id recommend it for the money i think its well worth 250 :thumbsup:

16-12-2009, 20:52
cheers tommy :thumbsup:

16-12-2009, 21:00
if your goina use it alot i would recommend getting a "higher quality" unit!
But the ripspeed 1 isnt bad to be honest

tommy 555
16-12-2009, 23:09
could try one from Chinavision either , probably same thing apart from it gettin branded as a ripspeed it


17-12-2009, 14:13
Wife has one in her car and great unit and for buttons too

05-01-2010, 23:28
not bad unit work for halfords ok for the price one year warranty if there is a fault the radio goes away for repair for about 2 weeks they need tlc other wise there will be problems

11-02-2010, 23:44
had one of these bad head unit if it breaks you cant get parts for it

Mark Cahill
12-02-2010, 12:01
I've my one 3 years now and its worked perfectly without any problems in my Legacy and my GSR before that. I lost the remote off it a while back which is a bit of a nuisance because of the fiddly little buttons and not being able to get a replacement remote. :thumbsup:

18-02-2010, 22:33
drop in to halfords cork have them spare remotes

19-02-2010, 11:43
Have had two of these units in my cars and never had a days problem with them. Have had them a couple of years aswell so not too bad

19-02-2010, 21:59
ive had 3 ripspeed headunits and not a bother with them, had a small problem with the sd card reader on the first one and they replaced the unit with a new one straight away, halfords are pretty good that way, they have all the outs at the back so ya can hook up a proper system too, i say go for it

24-02-2010, 14:06
i was in halfords in portlaoise the other week and as far as i can remember the pioneer units that were around 800 are down to 400 ,very nice looking kit it was

04-03-2010, 10:38
There are shite in my opinion, had 1 in my last car and ended up replacing it twice, one coz the motorized screen kept failing, then the cd's kept skipping. Got a full refund after plenty of moaning.

Sorted a few extra ponies for a Kenwood KVT 524 DVD, savage bit of kit, full ipod control, got the extra bluetooth handsfree, and easiest splicing to watch DVD on the move ( wasnt me officer)!. I shopped around for a good while and got it for 500 notes delivered from the uk, they even threw in the fascia plate for the mondeo. Im putiing it in the leggy as soon as the adaptor panel comes in from japan parts. The Kenwood screens have a fancy way of sliding out, looks cool too.Pleanty of pre outs for amp etc, only downside is doesnt come with a remote, ya have to buy seperate.

i bought it here, but the price has since gone up. http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/kenwood-kvt-524dvd.html. google it if your interested and you will find some difference in the prices

As far as i know, bren in MDS in dublin sells them too.