View Full Version : Slipping clutch, or something more serious?

27-03-2007, 11:25
Morning all. I had a search for failing clutch posts, but nothing answers my question exactly, so forgive the new post...

Anyway, I have this situation where it looks like the clutch slips when accelerating, particularly in the higher gears (4th and 5th). When I hit about 3,000 rpm (when the turbo kicks in, I guess), the engine revs, the rev counter reaches for the sky (well, 5,500rpm or thereabouts), then slips back and the car kinda catches up with it. It does not happen all the time, though. I mentioned it to my mechanic while the car was in for a service, but on the test-drive he stopped in gear and the car stalled; he said that if the clutch was gone it would not have stalled the car, it would have slipped, so it was fine. However, I'm not convinced! I'd say that the loads on the clutch when the turbo spools up (particularly in 4th or 5th) are much higher than at tickover.

Anyone have any views/advice?

Car is a 99 Forester S-Turbo 5MT with about 130,000 miles on the clock.


27-03-2007, 11:40
Sounds like your clutch alright.
When the clutch in mine went is started slipping in fifth and was fine in every other gear !
When the turbo kicks in in fifth gear it acts like an automatic, the revs hits the roof.
When I took the clutch out the disc was fine but is was the springs in the pressure plate were getting weak !!!

mine had 85K miles on it at the time !!


27-03-2007, 11:48
My clutch began to slip at around 95000 miles, it wouldn't happen all the time but you'd go to accelerate and the revs would hit the roof, so you automatically lift off the gas and then the power picks up again. definitely clutch slip I'd say - get it replaced as soon as you can.


27-03-2007, 13:14
Mine went too, same symptoms, it was around 65k though :ponder:

27-03-2007, 20:09
my boost solenoid is actin up an it sounds like clutch slipping.... can you hear any clicks on acceleration, my problem started a HUGE debate so be careful ha ha ... :thumbsup:

27-03-2007, 20:13
Its ur clutch, mine went the same way, i also noticed it first when i was in 5th. Mine had 55k miles on it.