View Full Version : engine balancing

22-03-2007, 19:55
well lads im getting closer to gettin my engine rebuilt :wall:, just wondering where is the best place to get a engine balanced, is it worth it? i have forged pistons,rods, lightend flywheel

22-03-2007, 21:03
Engine balanced?? What do ya mean? maybe I'm wrong but never heard of balancing an engine?? I just got mine rebuilt at www.eastcoastcustomsonline.co.uk got it bored to 2.2 .

Is there anything wrong with your engine at the mo? it can be risky buying pistons before you take it apart and see if you might oversized pistons.

Best of luck with the rebuild!! Mine feels like it will never be finished. Just don't be in a hurry and you won't have a prob.