View Full Version : Blown Fuse

22-03-2007, 17:23
I blew the break light fuse while trying to fit new bulbs, (new lights with lose connections touched and blew) I checked all the fuses on the driver side where the little compartment is beside the steering wheel and they were all ok but I don't know where to find the break light fuse. Also just to verify... is it true that ALL type R's are without ABS? Mine has no ABS but Just checking if any do?? :thumbsup:

keith dublin
22-03-2007, 19:18
Me has no abs there is a box down beside your right foot is that the one your talking about???

22-03-2007, 19:31
The one I tried was the little "pocket" that ya pull out and the little fuse board in behind it. Is that the same or is the one you're talkin about actually the one for the break light fuse.