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08-03-2007, 19:08
bit of advice wanted please. just got my up pipe replaced with a sti one catless im told and hks turbo back exhaust. problem is my blitz boost gauge needle is fluttering crazy on boost. is it a faulty gauge or am i looking at something more serious. thanks

B4 Alan
08-03-2007, 19:54
Have a look at this site http://www.autodials.co.uk/

And look at their No-Buzz T-Piece/T-Piece Restrictor - might solve the problem :thumbsup: (and cheap at that)


08-03-2007, 20:16
cheers alan but is that device for noise and vibration. my prob is that the needle is jumping back and forward very quickley and gets worse the higher the boost. ie.needle jumping between 0.8 and 0.9 bar

B4 Alan
08-03-2007, 20:24
The needle is very sensitive and there might be more vibration with the new up-pipe :dunno:
It's something cheap you can try before spending big money..... Have you tried re-setting the ECU?


08-03-2007, 20:40
yes reset the ecu when the work was done, which was last week. ill keep that device in mind alan. thanks

09-03-2007, 15:35
Get yourself a Lamco boost gauge from Performance subaru. It's the genuine Subaru one and is accurate and smooth ie no flickering which I have seen in most other aftermarket boost gauges.


09-03-2007, 15:51
Hey Jackswagon,

What you need to decide is it just the boost gague fluttering
or is the car not holding boost ???

Put her in 5th foot to the floor and see will she hold full
boost. if not the needle will kinda hover say between
0.7 - 0.9 aprox¬* (possible faults : boost solenoid, Maf sensor, maybe lamda sensor
was damaged in changing exhaust ??????? )

If the gague is faulty it will flicker rappidly at any boost.

What is she like on acceleration any hesitation ????


09-03-2007, 20:04
hi niall, boost goes up to 0.9 max and drops of to 0.7 at full throttle and holds at that. no hesitation at all. The car boost is the same as before the up pipe and exhaust were done. I was told by somebody that a spring inside the gauge might not be strong enough for the mods that were done?. might try frawls suggestion and try a new lamco gauge. thanks for all the advice guys . its much apprieciated

09-03-2007, 20:19