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forester sti
04-03-2007, 19:26
¬* ¬*I was hoping someone could tell me what's the best turbo back system for a 2.5 forester sti I'm hoping to buy, and whether a high flow cat in the down pipe or in the centre section is better? or no cat at all! I'm only interested in the performance enhancing aspect so I dont want it to be to noisey, but a bit of a groul would be nice!
¬* ¬*Also can anybody recomend a good mapping specialist? it seems to be a toss up between andy forrest and tightrope teck, in galway so i suppose it's dyno against road mapping?¬*
thanks very much.

05-03-2007, 12:20
Damo (renno ) will get you a good system, id go turbo back personnally and again personally id go for a road map with Andy !

07-03-2007, 09:49
For mapping you really can't get better than Andy F.

As for your cat's get rid of them :D

The high flow cats are good or so im told and of course you will
pass an NCT with them :thumbsup: but if it was me get them out


Mick Spec C
07-03-2007, 18:05
Hello & Welcome to the site¬* :thumbsup:

You could ask Damo (reno555) about a miltec exhaust system, its not too loud when driving normally (so you will not fall out with the neighbours). But if you bring it up the revs under load its mental¬* :shock:

I got one fitted to my car and am very pleased with it. Its a turbo back 3" full de-cat system. You can also get it with a high flow cat system.

You can check it out on Litchfields website http://www.litchfieldimports.co.uk/subaru_06forester.asp

As above Damo could save you some hassel and get it for you¬* :thumbsup:

Be sure to get an turbo - downpipe gasket aswell as this is not supplied in the kit.

As Niall said Andy F is the man for the remaps¬* :worship:



forester sti
07-03-2007, 20:25
Thanks very much for your help lads. I'll let you know how I get on.