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03-03-2007, 20:21
hi, just wondering if it is ok to use nos street formula booster with 95 ron fuel for a long time?. have my car 4 months now. hoping to get an apexi fc and re map but could be another 6 months before that happens.

kanye west
03-03-2007, 20:25
Ya its ok for a while. I think the boys reckon Lucas is the best octane booster cause some of them dont boost your fuel as much as they say. If your going waiting 6 months you'd be safer getting a knock link fitted which is a sensor that warns you before your engine goes pop :P The other lads will be able to fill u in more :thumbsup:

03-03-2007, 20:35
thanks kanye, the only booster i can find locally is nos. will this do

kanye west
03-03-2007, 20:40
Dont think its as good as the lucas. Theres lads on here that u can get a crate of Lucas at a good price. They'll be online later :thumbsup: Have a look at this link it says NOS octane only boosts it by 1.3 RON http://www.gtatech.com/news_au_articl.html

03-03-2007, 20:45
cheers m8

03-03-2007, 21:21
as said wouldn't rate it too highly..

03-03-2007, 21:30
thanks again, will try get it re mapped sooner