View Full Version : how to replace side markers on bugeye ?

21-02-2007, 22:26
I have got some replacement side markers and indicators for my bugeye and have installed the indicators with no problems. However had a quick look at the side markers and could'nt work out how they come off. They is a little notch at the side and i put a screwdriver in there , do i just use brute force after that and pull it out ? :ponder:

22-02-2007, 09:04
On my old bugeye you just pulled the marker from the bottom upwards and then out theres a little clip on the bottom. have a look at the new one you'll see what i mean, the one's i had had a light fitting in them i just wired them to the sideliights looked pretty cool american style!! :thumbsup:

24-02-2007, 10:10
i wired my indicators into mine, as stu's says they clip up from the bottom...

28-02-2007, 20:44
got them off. They had a push down clip on the top....