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16-02-2009, 07:35
Hi Folks I am buying new tyres and I have a choice, there for day to day road use which are best for my Legacy.
Dunlop Sports
Goodyyear F1 or X1
Thanks John Lewis.
PS What is the best Pirelli.

16-02-2009, 13:03
I have to say Im an F1 fan, I have never had any problems with them. Sticky in the wet and dry, and not much roar off them on motorways :thumbsup:
As they say 'if it aint broke, why fix it'

B4 Alan
16-02-2009, 13:10
Make sure you check out our traders as they may be able to do you a good deal :thumbsup:


16-02-2009, 13:27
P zero is in my opinion the best Pirelli.

I have Dunlop SP sport max for my STi now and had them before on another car and found them great.

I had good year eagle F1's on a blob eye before and didn't find them great in the wet.

I only took Kumo off and as a cheaper tyre found them fine but she did tend to over steer now and then. But that could have been down to the set up of the car.

16-02-2009, 13:31
have goodyear eagle f1 asytmetrical on my Legacy, cant fault them, grip in the wet almost as good as grip in the dry, have yet to find the limits on them

16-02-2009, 14:42
toyos too maybe..