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03-01-2009, 03:07
hey guys, don`t know if this will be of much use to anybody but it`s after making my day, (year in fact!)

a while back i fitted a new sound system to my type r. just a simple jobbie with a couple of amps, a sub and some speakers. it sounds great but there has always been the dreaded hissing comming through the speakers matching the engine revs. you couldn`t hear it with the music up but when there was a few people in the car and the music was kept to social levels the pestering noise just got so irritating that more often than not i just left the radio off.
i tried everything from new earths to ground loop isolators to an engine earth kit even new rca cables but the noise just wouldn`t go away.
so here`s me thinking i must have a radio issue. i decided before i went out and bought a new one i`d try one last thing.
i took the radio out and cut the earth wite from the loom and joined it to a nice thick wire which i crimped an eye onto and bolted it directly to the dash bar. while i did that i also joined a small wire from my new earth to the body of the radio also to ground it too. i put it back together and fired up the beast and guess what, no more static! just goes to show how bad jap earths can be! i can`t see this being an issue for anything outer than classics as they wouldn`t be as well built as the rest of the cars but it`s worth a try and i must also say i think the music is actually louder and crisper now!

03-01-2009, 12:17
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nice one!!!